Raccoon in the Chicken Coop? Never Again!

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Thieves.  Parasites.  Freeloaders.  Does anyone enjoy these?  Neither do I.  That is why a raccoon getting into our chicken coop for a free dinner doesn’t sit well with me.  If you haven’t already seen it, you should read my post on the raccoon invasion.  It will provide a little extra incentive on why every nook and cranny of the chicken coop should be sealed up to keep out all predators.

Despite the fact that I thought our chicken coop was raccoon/predator proof, there was one flaw.  When I built the chicken coop, I left a small gap the width of a 2 x 4.  My thoughts?  Eh.  A raccoon could never fit through a 4 inch gap.  I’ll just leave it there for some extra ventilation.  Boy was I wrong!  This was the perfect place for a hungry coon the make his grand entry into a premium dinner buffet.

Gap in the chicken coop front

The 4" entry point of the raccoon

Potential entry point for raccoon into chicken coop

Another place for a predator to potentially enter the coop

So what to do about this?  Seal up the gaps to keep the coons out of course.   I had some extra plywood sitting around the garage that would be perfect for this project.  See gentleman, never through away scrap wood.  It will come in handy at some point.  Hoarder?  Nope.  I call it preparing for future needs.

Sealing up the gap in the chicken coop

Raccoon can't come in for a free dinner now!

Sealing up the last gap in the chicken coop

Sealing up the last gap in the chicken coop

Did it work?  After about 3 weeks of having these gaps sealed, the chickens have been sleeping soundly every night.  And the coon?  I’m sorry to report that he will have to find dinner elsewhere.

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